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January 6, 2009

My first day on Twitter

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I decided to open my Twitter account after I read the post on, How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business. After read the article, my first impression towards Twitter is that it’s another networking website like Facebook or The approach of following somebody sounds like joining a discussion group or post message on someone’s wall on Facebook. Nevertheless, the article gave me a feeling that Twitter is much easier to use.

I’ve never be afraid of trying new stuffs, hence, I created my own Twitter account to give it a go!

It’s very easy to register with Twitter, only a few clicks. I didn’t even need to go to my e-mail box to verify my account, however, I didn’t hesitate for a minute before I enter my e-mail password.

The actual page layout is very clean, only a couple of links, unlike some other social networking websites, such as Facebook and Delicious. I started with talking to myself, since I didn’t invite any of friends to it. I also tried to talk to people by replying to their post, however, no one seems to be bothered to talk to me. By the time I wrote this, I still haven’t heard from anyone yet.

In general, Twitter is very easy to use. It’s not like a blog, one doesn’t need to spend a lot time to think about what to write and how. Nevertheless, it’s not a place for self entertaining, one need to interact with others.

BTW, if you feel like talking with someone,  or just say hi, Click here to start.

Before finish, I want to rise a question here, what’s the difference between Twitter and Internet Chat Room?


January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas everybody

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Christmas was never a big deal to me before I came to the UK to study. I still remember the first Christmas in the UK, I felt very boring, because there’s no public transportation and I didn’t have a car at that time, therefore, I could go no where but hanging around the campus. Fortunately, one of my flatmate Helen took me the local church to attend the Christmas ceremony.Some people told me that every year is the same routine, but it was still very interesting to me.

Things were very much different this year, since I started my working in this company.  On the Christmas eve we all came to the Office to play secret Santa, and I received my first Christmas gift. I really enjoyed the process of unwrap the present. Thanks all to my colleague and happy Christmas to all of you.

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