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May 27, 2009

Rings in the UK

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There are large numbers of different companies in the UK competing in the UK’s jewellery marketplace.  Jewellery products are almost everywhere in the UK.  The jewellery market has  several different items, such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. However, rings in the UK are purchased on an extremely large scale and take up the majority of the jewellery market.

Different metals are used in rings.  The most common metal types are yellow gold, silver, white gold. The majority of the silver used in rings is sterling silver. There are also many choices for gold. Among them, 9ct and 18ct gold are the most popular ones.

Different rings have different stone types. The most common stones are cubic zirconia and diamond rings, whilst sapphire, pearl, and ruby, topaz, tanzanite, opal, garnet, swarovski crystal, aquamarine, peridot and quartz can also be purchased.

Different stone shapes can be found at a variety of retailers.  Some of the most common shapes include brilliant, round and heart, whilst oval, emerald, marquise, princess, baguette and square can also be found. Colour is another factor which can make a ring look completely different from the next.

Rings can also be bought for different occasions, and some of the most special ones are made specifically as engagement rings and wedding rings.  These can be however, at the top end of the market and are only ever purchased for the occasion.

Obviously, some are better than others but again it always comes down to what each individual customer wants and what they like best. Again, different styles appeal to different consumers.  Some consumers like big square rings to go with their own style whilst other, perhaps more sophisticated ladies will only ever wear princess cut rings. It is always the individual’s decision which one to buy but a decision will be made with all the necessary information to hand and based on which one they like best.


May 26, 2009

UK’s top ten online jewellery websites

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The UK’s top ten online jewellery websites list is produced based on a recent online survey. All surveyees were asked to rate UK’s jewellery websites by  product range, website usability, VFM(Value for Money), customer service and return policy.

Here is the result of this survey.

1. Ernest Jones

H. Samuel is a UK Jeweller with an extensive collection of diamond, gold and silver jewellery, as well as the most popular watch brands.

2. H. Samuel

Offers fine selection of gold and diamond jewellery, premier and designer watch brands, including Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Gucci, TAG Heuer and many other reputable watch brands.

3. Gold Smith

Ernest Jones is the UK’s diamond, jewellery and watch Specialist which offers a wide range of wedding rings and jewellery in classic and contemporary designs.

4. F. Hinds

One of the UK’s leading independent jewellers with over offers extensive collections of diamonds, jewellery, watches, collectables and gifts direct online at local store.

5. Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke is an online boutique for Designer Jewellery, where you can find the most gorgeous pieces of Contemporary Jewellery from around the world.

6. Gemondo

Gemondo is the UK’s largest online jeweller which offers over 5000 pieces of top quality gold, silver gem-set jewellery and wedding Jewellery at amazingly low prices!

7. Warren James

At The Warren James website you can buy a good selection of the products which are on offer in their stores.

8. Jewellery TV

A UK’s independent e-jeweller offers precious luxury and style jewellery through a fantastic selection of pieces, all at great value.

9. Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co is one of the world’s most famous jeweller’s brands. You can browse and buy their latest collections of jewellery, watches, diamonds, tableware, accessories and gifts online.

10. SWAG

SWAG offers a selection of diamond, dress & wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pendants and birthstones online.

May 12, 2009

Where gemsontes are found

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The finding of a gemsonte can be a very exciting event, especially when it leads to the discovery of a rick new gemstone source. The origins of gem minerals diverse from place to place.

Many gemstone minerals crystallize at high temperatures and presssures deep in the crust and underlying mantle. For example, diamond forms more than 150 km undergroud, where temperatures are more than 1200 ‘c.  Most gemstones are found worldwirde, suck as quartz and garnet. However, others are rarer, such as diamonds and emeralds. A few areas on our planet are rick in both the variety and quantity of gemstone minerals, for instance, Minas Gerais in Brazil and Mogok in Myanmar. Other localities yield a single gem species of superb quality, as typified by Colombian emberalds. Most deposits are small and rapidly exhausted, but a few, such as those of Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, have been in production for many centuries.

The kimberlite roks of southern Africa are mined in a modern, large-scale way, producing vast quantities of diamonds for both industrial and gem use.

China, Japan and Vietnam are main production place of  pearls in the world, where they have the ideal conditions for farming peral oysters. Pearls are organic gems, and therefore independent of geological conditions.

THe rick mineral deposits of Mogok in Burma have yielded some of the world’s finest rubies, although extraction is by traditional methods. Sapphires are also mined here.

In gemondo jewellery website, you can find all kinds of Gemstone jewellery at amazing low price.

May 7, 2009

Search Engine Optimisation Open University

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Search Engine Optimisation Open Univeristy is another  SEO Blog run by myself. The primary objective of having this blog is to summarise my SEO knowledge into a website and experiment my SEO on a brand new website.  In SEO Open University I will be writing some latest information of SEO, share some my pratical experience with SEO.

Since I started my full time job in Gemondo, I have been picking up some basics knowledge about SEO, and gained some practical experience in search engine marketing. During this process, I benefited a lot from all sorts of SEO blogs by different  SEO exports from all around the world, such as Search Engine Land, SEOBooK, SEO Moz, and Matt Cutts.   In order to let more people on the Internet to benefit these free but useful resources, especially for my fellow Chinese who don’t read English very much, I decided to write a blog to summarise all these helpful information in this SEO Open University.

So welcome to my new blog.

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