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May 27, 2009

Rings in the UK

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There are large numbers of different companies in the UK competing in the UK’s jewellery marketplace.  Jewellery products are almost everywhere in the UK.  The jewellery market has  several different items, such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. However, rings in the UK are purchased on an extremely large scale and take up the majority of the jewellery market.

Different metals are used in rings.  The most common metal types are yellow gold, silver, white gold. The majority of the silver used in rings is sterling silver. There are also many choices for gold. Among them, 9ct and 18ct gold are the most popular ones.

Different rings have different stone types. The most common stones are cubic zirconia and diamond rings, whilst sapphire, pearl, and ruby, topaz, tanzanite, opal, garnet, swarovski crystal, aquamarine, peridot and quartz can also be purchased.

Different stone shapes can be found at a variety of retailers.  Some of the most common shapes include brilliant, round and heart, whilst oval, emerald, marquise, princess, baguette and square can also be found. Colour is another factor which can make a ring look completely different from the next.

Rings can also be bought for different occasions, and some of the most special ones are made specifically as engagement rings and wedding rings.  These can be however, at the top end of the market and are only ever purchased for the occasion.

Obviously, some are better than others but again it always comes down to what each individual customer wants and what they like best. Again, different styles appeal to different consumers.  Some consumers like big square rings to go with their own style whilst other, perhaps more sophisticated ladies will only ever wear princess cut rings. It is always the individual’s decision which one to buy but a decision will be made with all the necessary information to hand and based on which one they like best.


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