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June 10, 2009

Gemstone Knowledge – Amber

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Amber Pendants

Amber Pendants

Family: Astonishing Amber belongs to the Organics family of gemstones

Country Location: Amber can be found along the coasts of Eastern Europe (mainly Poland, Romania and Russia), Mexico, Canada, USA and even along the southern coasts of England

Rock Type: Amber can be found in deposits along shorelines.  It is thought that it took millions of years for Amber to form, as in essence, it is the preserved resin of prehistoric trees that have captured different species.  These species can sometime be seen, making each piece unique

Hardness: Amber’s hardness measures at 2.5 making it a perfect evening piece

Popular Cuts- Amber is mostly found using the Bead cut to highlights its warm glow, cloudy and transparent areas; the Cameo cut in brooches and the Polished Cut to accentuate its unique inclusions

Colour: Amber’s alluring colour ranges from golden yellow, golden orange, green, red, violet and black

Lustre: Amber’s lustre is resinous

History: In ancient cultures, Amber was considered as a commodity to purchase land, animals and slaves worldwide, as it was found on beaches when waves threw them out during storms

Folklore: Amber has an interesting folklore history.  It was believed to protect, attract happiness and luck, guarantee success when hunting or fishing and prevent evil from coming near

Birthstone- Amber is the alternative birthstone for November

Special Care: Amber is considered to be very delicate, so ensure that your Amber jewellery is placed in its own section in your jewellery box, to prevent it being scratched.  To clean Amber, use lukewarm water on a soft cloth or cotton bud.  To maintain Amber’s polish, clean as above, dry carefully, rub olive oil over it very lightly and remove excess oil by rubbing it with a soft cloth


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