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June 26, 2009

Gemstone Knowledge of Bloodstone

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Gemstone Knowledge of Bloodstone

Bloodstone Jewellery

Bloodstone Jewellery

Family: Bloodstone belongs to the Chalcedony family of gemstones

Country Location: Bloodstone can be found in diverse locations including Australia, Brazil, China and Wyoming (USA). The main source of Bloodstone is found in India and the Kathiawar Peninsula.

Rock Type: Bloodstone can be found in silica rich deposits.

Hardness: Bloodstone’s hardness measures at 7, making it durable to wear during the day.

Popular Cuts: Bloodstone can be found using the Cameo cut, which was very popular during the Roman times as it made the perfect background for raised reliefs.  It is also found using the cabochon cut which highlights its special colour, spots and veins.

Colour: Bloodstone has a unique colour design.  Its background is a combination of dark-greens which has deep red, brown and multi-coloured spots falling upon it.   It is the iron minerals (which also make bright red Jasper) that cause these coloured spots.  The red spots are thought to look like drops of blood, hence the name Bloodstone.

Lustre: Bloodstone lustre is Vitreous

History: Bloodstone has a long, intriguing history.  Roman soldiers used to be given a Cameo of Bloodstone if they had won a battle.  In the middle ages, the drops of red were considered to be the blood of Christ; so many religious people wore Bloodstone.

Folklore: Bloodstone folklore beliefs have varied throughout time.  During Ancient times, Bloodstone was used to heal haemorrhages, stomach pains and bladder infections. It was also considered very magical.  In the middle Ages, Bloodstone was believed to purify organs and blood circulation, hence why it was carried by soldiers.  In the 19th century, Bloodstone was considered the stone for gamblers as it was said to bring luck, strength of mind and success.

Birthstone: Bloodstone is the alternative birthstone of February


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