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May 12, 2009

Where gemsontes are found

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The finding of a gemsonte can be a very exciting event, especially when it leads to the discovery of a rick new gemstone source. The origins of gem minerals diverse from place to place.

Many gemstone minerals crystallize at high temperatures and presssures deep in the crust and underlying mantle. For example, diamond forms more than 150 km undergroud, where temperatures are more than 1200 ‘c.  Most gemstones are found worldwirde, suck as quartz and garnet. However, others are rarer, such as diamonds and emeralds. A few areas on our planet are rick in both the variety and quantity of gemstone minerals, for instance, Minas Gerais in Brazil and Mogok in Myanmar. Other localities yield a single gem species of superb quality, as typified by Colombian emberalds. Most deposits are small and rapidly exhausted, but a few, such as those of Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, have been in production for many centuries.

The kimberlite roks of southern Africa are mined in a modern, large-scale way, producing vast quantities of diamonds for both industrial and gem use.

China, Japan and Vietnam are main production place of  pearls in the world, where they have the ideal conditions for farming peral oysters. Pearls are organic gems, and therefore independent of geological conditions.

THe rick mineral deposits of Mogok in Burma have yielded some of the world’s finest rubies, although extraction is by traditional methods. Sapphires are also mined here.

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May 7, 2009

Search Engine Optimisation Open University

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Search Engine Optimisation Open Univeristy is another  SEO Blog run by myself. The primary objective of having this blog is to summarise my SEO knowledge into a website and experiment my SEO on a brand new website.  In SEO Open University I will be writing some latest information of SEO, share some my pratical experience with SEO.

Since I started my full time job in Gemondo, I have been picking up some basics knowledge about SEO, and gained some practical experience in search engine marketing. During this process, I benefited a lot from all sorts of SEO blogs by different  SEO exports from all around the world, such as Search Engine Land, SEOBooK, SEO Moz, and Matt Cutts.   In order to let more people on the Internet to benefit these free but useful resources, especially for my fellow Chinese who don’t read English very much, I decided to write a blog to summarise all these helpful information in this SEO Open University.

So welcome to my new blog.

April 9, 2009

Happy Easter Again

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I’m going to Belgium to spend my Easter weekend. Cannot wait now!
And happy Easter weekend to my dear girlfriend. I drew this especially for you!easter-madness1

April 1, 2009

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter

February 23, 2009

Sitemap really helps

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After working with Sitemap for a couple of months, I find out that Sitemap is really helpful in terms of SEO. It’s extremely helpful for a dynamic website.

In my previous post, I mentioned that by submitting a Sitemap, the number of pages indexed by Google increased instantly, and it was quite a significant rise. Recently, I discovered that Sitemap not only helps to increase number of the search engine index page, but also improve the accuracy of index.

There are a lot of duplicate contents and redirect URLs on my website, because it was developed using PHP. To be honest, I don’t know too much about PHP, but I do know that duplicate contents and redirect URLs are definitely not SEO friendly. For example, in the Google Webmaster Tools, I can see that around 2,116 URLs from Gemondo are not followed by Google because of redirect.


Most of those pages are on site search bar generated URLs.

On Gemondo product category page, there is a search bar on the top of product list. This search bar enables users to search jewellery according to different material, brand etc.


These generated URLs look similar like:

Apparently, Google doesn’t like these URLs very much, because they are the source of the redirect URLs. For example,

the above URL looks like a category URL, but actually when you click on it, you get redirected to a product page.

The actually destination of this URL is

Although Google managed to recognize some of these redirect URLs, there were still a lot of them be indexed. Before I submit the Sitemap, most of product URLs indexed by Google were those redirect ones.


To solve this problem, re-design the website URL structure might be an ultimate solution, but not when our website developer is struggling with some minor change of the website.  To solve the problem by myself, I created a Sitemap with all the main URLs which I want Google to index. The Sitemap includes all the manually created landing pages and main category pages, as well as all the product pages. I also specified the priority of the homepage as “1”, the landing pages and category pages as “0.9” and the product pages as “0.5”. All the generated URLs are excluded in the Sitemap.

Fortunately, 10 hours after I submit the sitemap, Google crawled my website. 3 days after the submission, all the major landing pages and category pages were indexed, and almost all the product pages’ URLs have change from to

This is exactly how I want Google to index my website. I’m very glad that Google can “listen” to us webmaster. And I’m very happy to tell everyone that Sitemap really helps. If you want to optimise your website, submiting Sitemap to search engines is one of the few things you can start with.

January 6, 2009

My first day on Twitter

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I decided to open my Twitter account after I read the post on, How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business. After read the article, my first impression towards Twitter is that it’s another networking website like Facebook or The approach of following somebody sounds like joining a discussion group or post message on someone’s wall on Facebook. Nevertheless, the article gave me a feeling that Twitter is much easier to use.

I’ve never be afraid of trying new stuffs, hence, I created my own Twitter account to give it a go!

It’s very easy to register with Twitter, only a few clicks. I didn’t even need to go to my e-mail box to verify my account, however, I didn’t hesitate for a minute before I enter my e-mail password.

The actual page layout is very clean, only a couple of links, unlike some other social networking websites, such as Facebook and Delicious. I started with talking to myself, since I didn’t invite any of friends to it. I also tried to talk to people by replying to their post, however, no one seems to be bothered to talk to me. By the time I wrote this, I still haven’t heard from anyone yet.

In general, Twitter is very easy to use. It’s not like a blog, one doesn’t need to spend a lot time to think about what to write and how. Nevertheless, it’s not a place for self entertaining, one need to interact with others.

BTW, if you feel like talking with someone,  or just say hi, Click here to start.

Before finish, I want to rise a question here, what’s the difference between Twitter and Internet Chat Room?

January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas everybody

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Christmas was never a big deal to me before I came to the UK to study. I still remember the first Christmas in the UK, I felt very boring, because there’s no public transportation and I didn’t have a car at that time, therefore, I could go no where but hanging around the campus. Fortunately, one of my flatmate Helen took me the local church to attend the Christmas ceremony.Some people told me that every year is the same routine, but it was still very interesting to me.

Things were very much different this year, since I started my working in this company.  On the Christmas eve we all came to the Office to play secret Santa, and I received my first Christmas gift. I really enjoyed the process of unwrap the present. Thanks all to my colleague and happy Christmas to all of you.

December 23, 2008

Does Google Sitemap help?

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Does Google Sitemap help? Before I created and submit  Google Sitemaps for my websites, I asked the same question to myself. And I also did a research on the Internet. The answer was mostly positive. However, none of the information I found on the web didn’t give any hard evidence about the benefit of having a Sitemap.

I had some resistance from our web developer, as they think a website which has already been indexed by Google doesn’t need to submit Sitemap. They insisted that submitting Sitemap of a already indexed website will have nagetive impact on the website’s index. The URLs which are not in the Sitemap won’t be indexed at all. However, considering the number of pages we have on our webiste and been indexed by Google, I firmly believed that submiting Sitemap can bring some benefit to our websites’ index.

Our company has five different webistes. Gemondo is the biggest one which has more than 5,000 jewellery items listed on it.,, and are much smaller websites in terms of item number and page number. I used a free Sitemap generator GSiteCrawler to create Sitemap for my websites. This is particular good for generating Sitemap for big webiste with tens of thousand of pages.

I keeping on tracking the number of pages indexed through Webmaster Tools after I submit the Sitemap to Google. I can see a significant increase in the number of pages indexed one month after I submit the Sitemap. indexed page number indexed page number indexed page number indexed page number indexed page number indexed page number

From the above statistics we can see that indexed page number increased sharply after submission. Although there’s downward trend after the sharp growth, overall the indexed page number is still a lot more than before.

Therefore, I can draw the conclusion that submitting Sitemap can definitely increase the indexed page number on Google. Some say that this is extremely good for new websites.

I didn’t include the result for, since I’m still having problem with submitting the Sitemap to Webmaster tools. I will post the result on my blog when it become successful. or

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What’s the worst thing a SEOer can encounter? A significant decrease of the keywords ranking on major search engines over night. Luckily enough, I’ve been through this major drop this morning, although at last it turned to be a false alarm.

I was looking through the statistics of our company’s website on Google Webmaster Tools this morning. I clicked on some of  our web site’s keywords on the Google top quires page to monitor their performance on SERPs. However, the result turned out to be a tremendous shock to me. For some of the chosen keywords of our company, I cannot find our website on the first page, and not even on the second and third page. Most of the keywords rankings have dropped at least two pages.

I was absolutely astonished by the result. It’s two days before the Christmas Day. We have been adding content to our website, the traffic is quite significant and the Alexa ranking is increasing for the recent months. There’s no sign of PR fall, neither is backward link number. Everything seems all right.

After a thorough diagnosis, the only thing I can find is that the number of pages been indexed by Google dropped around 40%. There are some 3,600 URLs aren’t followed due to the redirect errors. These pages aren’t indexed by Google, hence reduced the number of internal links.

I really cannot believe that Google can take all my hard work away over night. If the search result can be so much unpredictable and dynamic, what’s the sense of have the SEO industry then.

My thought at that time was to double check on Google before turning to the big guys on the web for help. Next thing I did is to go to like billions of  other webusers do everyday, and type in my keywords to check teh SERP. Oops, our website is still showing on the first pages. What the hell! Do they change the search result every minute?

I was confused, totall confused. I turned to my colleague Andrew.  He came over to my PC as I explained what did I encounter. “One is the other one is”, he said so after a quick glance on my monitor.

What a fool I was. Of course the search result various in and Everytime when I type, it gets redirected to Whereas on Webmaster Tools’s top enquiries page, each keyword links to

Google SERP

Google SERP

December 22, 2008

Victor Decided to start blogging

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Three days before the Christmas day of 2008, I finally decided to start blogging.

Since I got my job as a SEOer in, I’ve been going through a lot of blogs everyday. One of my favourite blogs is SEO Book by Aaron Wall. It’s indeed a good SEO blog which helps a lot in my career. It was Aaron’s article How to start writing which ultimately gave me the idea of starting write my own blog.

Before I read the article, I was always thinking I should not start blogging unless I have got something extraordinary to write about, or maybe I should wait until my English becoming much better. However, Aaron’s remark, there is only one way to learn how to write well and that is to write often,  really woke me up. Right, it’s the time to start now.

Like said, fail to plan is plan to fail. Before actually start, I should absolutely have a plan. So what to expect in my blog?

Firstly, I will try to put my everyday SEO practice in my blog, to record my every step of my career as a professional SEOer. Although I this is my first job after my master’s degree in the University of Warwick, I’m confident that as time goes by, my SEO still will keep on developing.

Secondly, I’d like to share my hobbies in this blog, such as photography and sports.

Last but not least, I will also use this blog to record my life in the UK. Life is not easy when you live and work abroad. Sometimes, it’s inevitable to feel a little bit down, therefore, a place to reveal my feelings is requires.

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