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June 11, 2009

Gemstone Knowledge of Andalusite

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Gemstone Knowledge of Andalusite

Andalusite Gemstone

Andalusite Gemstone

Family: Amazing Andalusite belongs to the Quartz family of gemstones

Country Location: Andalusite can be found in mines located in Andalusia, Spain (where the stone is named after), Brazil and the USA

Rock Type: Andalusite can be found in metamorphic rocks, formed in low pressure, but high temperature conditions. The unique combination of kyanite and sillimanite often decipher Andalusite gems

Hardness: Andalusite’s hardness measures at 7.5 making it as durable as Aquamarine.  You can wear Andalusite day or night

Popular Cuts: Andalusite is mostly found using the Oval, Marquise or Emerald cut.  These types of cut allow the gem to display one colour in the centre, surrounded by a darker colour at each end.  If the cutter wants a mosaic-like colour, they will choose to use a Princess or round Brilliant cut to blend the colours

Lustre: Andalusite’s lustre is Vitreous (glass like appearance)

History: Andalusite is considered to be a more recent gemstone.  Despite it being discovered in 1789, it had not been considered as a gem for jewellery use until the end of the 20th century

Folklore: Andalusite is believed to lower fever, rheumatism, arthritis, and gout and balance immune systems It also helps the wearer during trauma

Extra Info: There has been a unique version of Andalusite discovered called Chiastolite.  This stone contains black clay like material


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