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December 22, 2008

Victor Decided to start blogging

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Three days before the Christmas day of 2008, I finally decided to start blogging.

Since I got my job as a SEOer in, I’ve been going through a lot of blogs everyday. One of my favourite blogs is SEO Book by Aaron Wall. It’s indeed a good SEO blog which helps a lot in my career. It was Aaron’s article How to start writing which ultimately gave me the idea of starting write my own blog.

Before I read the article, I was always thinking I should not start blogging unless I have got something extraordinary to write about, or maybe I should wait until my English becoming much better. However, Aaron’s remark, there is only one way to learn how to write well and that is to write often,  really woke me up. Right, it’s the time to start now.

Like said, fail to plan is plan to fail. Before actually start, I should absolutely have a plan. So what to expect in my blog?

Firstly, I will try to put my everyday SEO practice in my blog, to record my every step of my career as a professional SEOer. Although I this is my first job after my master’s degree in the University of Warwick, I’m confident that as time goes by, my SEO still will keep on developing.

Secondly, I’d like to share my hobbies in this blog, such as photography and sports.

Last but not least, I will also use this blog to record my life in the UK. Life is not easy when you live and work abroad. Sometimes, it’s inevitable to feel a little bit down, therefore, a place to reveal my feelings is requires.


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